Neighborhood Branding

Designing a new brand for the Hunter Hills neighborhood

Design Bloc — Summer 2021

A participant at a community co-design session reviews a deck of core values generated from our research.

As a graduate designer for Design Bloc, I guided a team of staff designers in the early research, strategy, and branding process for the west Atlanta neighborhood of Hunter Hills. The community took an interest in not only replacing the signage that exists around the perimeter of their neighborhood, but also activating certain areas internal to Hunters Hills with additional branded assets to further amplify the voice and identity of this area.

To date, we've conducted ethnographic interviews and tours with residents of the neighborhood, followed by qualitative coding, synthesis, and preliminary visual expression work. On July 26, 2021 our team conducted an in-person community co-design workshop to validate the brand direction with 14 residents, with myself as the primary facilitator.

The project is ongoing with a fabricated sign to be revealed by the end the of 2021.