Hello, I'm Hannan Abdi

I'm a product designer and MS-HCI grad from Georgia Tech.

Design carries a huge responsibility. I am passionate about incorporating equity and inclusion in my design process to benefit all.


Case Studies

Storytelling for Tenant Education

Encouraging community members to self-access eviction resources.


Redesigning a systems operation dashboard 🔒

Simplifying a legacy dashboard at The Home Depot that communicates better and spurs action.


No More Evictions: redesigning a letter generator

Helping immigrant residents more easily file for eviction protection.


Vision accessibility at the zoo

Designing an accessible service reservation portal for Blind guests to the zoo.


About Me

I'm invested in the role of design and research in shaping equitable futures.

My background in operations makes me think about how things can work better for everyone. I have a particular affinity towards how we might improve our public services through community-centered projects. On my off time, I'll spend my time gardening, getting around on my bike, and jamming out to Ethiopian pop.

I earned my M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech in 2021. I have worked as an intern UX design generalist for The Home Depot and as staff designer for Design Bloc, a Georgia Tech affiliated design center.