Studying group security preferences

This project was part of a research paper in which we leveraged participatory design.

Participants of a design jam deliberating over which brainstormed ideas to move forward with.


We wanted to understand how people understand and how they might design their own security and privacy controls when sharing digital resources with others (think sharing an Amazon Prime or Netflix account with friends).

  • RQ1: What are the key design dimensions in implementing social S&P controls for small groups who collectively own and share resources?
  • RQ2: What are the trade-offs of these dimensions and how might they introduce new challenges?

My Role

As a volunteer in the SPUD lab at Georgia Tech, I researched security and privacy systems from a human-centered design lens.


We recruited 43 people to engage in design jams — a participatory design method whereby participants brainstorm and engender a design representation for an envisioned solution together. We analyzed the resulting prototypes and authored a research paper outlining the categories and trade-offs that users considered for group security solutions.

The paper has been accepted to the 2022 USENIX Security Symposium.